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Bladefin, Pink - S

Bladefin, Pink - S

This item is not available for purchase online. Please call 561-732-8590 to order.
Atomic Bladefin, Pink, Small
Power and Speed are the hallmark of the Atomic BladeFin. 

Atomic BladeFins are engineered for power and thrust. 
1. Power-Loop Monocoque Structure The engineering term Monocoque means “single-shell” utilizing the external skin to support most of the load area while power is applied through the frame rails. 
2. Foot Pocket Power Plate The Power-Loop Monocoque structure is connected to the sole plate (Power Plate) giving divers a solid feeling like the fin is “bolted” to the foot.
3. Power Rail The frame rail design on each side of the fin mimics a backbone or spine connecting to the Monocoque. 
4. Vertical Stabilizers (Strakes) Oversized stabilizers at fin tips keep the fin tracking straight up and down.

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