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Tom Muscatello

Tom is an owner of the Boynton Beach Dive Center along with his wife, Deb. Tom started diving and teaching scuba in 1963. He has logged over 2000 dives here on the Boynton Beach reefs along with many other locations throughout the world. Tom is the primary “go to” guy for information on just about every facet of the sport of diving. He is a certified SSI Dive Con Specialist Instructor for the dive center in charge of all the instructors affiliated with the dive center. He is a knowledgeable resource when purchasing dive equipment and can usually work with you financially to make the sport more affordable.


Deborah Muscatello

Deborah (Deb) is an owner of the Boynton Beach Dive Center along with her husband, Tom, and is a certified SSI Instructor for the dive center. She is currently finishing her last year of teaching at Bolton Central School in New York State so if you want to visit with her you need to come in during the summer or during school holidays. Scuba is her favorite thing to do along with teaching children and she is looking forward to enjoying both at the same time in June of 2013.


Rachel Taub

Rachel is the manager at the shop, who joined our dive family in 2011. She is a friendly, knowledgeable asset to our dive community and handles all of the ordering, marketing, merchandizing and events for the dive center. She is a certified Divemaster, trained in first aid, CPR, oxygen administration, and on her way to becoming an instructor. Most of the time you’ll find her in the shop but occasionally she’ll hop on the boat to dive with the crew!






James Baldwin

James is our main SSI and SDI instructor here at the dive center who joined our dive family in 2008. He is trained to teach many specialty courses such as Nitrox, Advanced Open Water and is also a trained regulator technician. James has logged over 2500 dives and has extensive experience in the local waters. James is an outstanding well rounded instructor with a great sense of humor and encourages all his students to strive to be great divers.


Jeff Remas

Jeff originally hails from the cold waters of the northeast and is both an SSI & PADI instructor. Although he enjoys the warm waters of Florida, you may occasionally find him diving in a drysuit. Jeff loves teaching and is often found in the classroom teaching open water and specialties. Jeff is a former Marine who first started diving in 1981 and would love to dive with you whether you just need a refresher, specialty, initial certification or just need a dive buddy or guide on our boat or at the Blue Heron Bridge. Jeff is also a factory trained regulator technician.

Bill McKissock

Captain Bill McKissock owns and runs Dolphin Sun Dive Charters in Lantana. Bill is Coast Guard documented by the USCG as a 50-ton Master, trained in first aid, CPR and as oxygen provider. Bill is also an SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor with the Boynton Beach Dive Center. He has run Dolphin Sun Dive Charters for four years. He has logged over 500 dives on the Boynton Beach reefs giving him first-hand experience on the reefs. Captain Bill and his son, Scott, run a friendly dive charter providing different dive experiences to fit the diver’s desires. From wrecks to reefs and hunting to recreation or photography, he knows the underwater places to go.

Scot McKissock

Scot along with his father, Captain Bill, runs the Dolphin Sun Dive Charters in Lantana. Scot is the First Mate of the Dolphin Sun and will assist you in your diving needs while on your dive trip. Scott is a SSI certified Advanced Open Water Diver and has logged over 200 dives on the Boynton Beach reefs. If you have a question or problem ask Scot and he can probably set you up with an answer.



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