Diving for professionals

Dive Guide

The Dive Guide Program is the starting point for becoming a Dive Professional.

This course is designed for the diver who wishes to lead other certified divers on underwater tours. Students will learn the techniques needed for pre-diving groups, group management underwater and how to manage underwater situations and emergencies.

The goal is to create a well-prepared, versatile and marketable Dive Professional. SSI Dive Guides can lead and guide certified divers. Additionally, after passing the Snorkeling Instructor program, a Dive Guide can teach and issue Snorkeling certifications. Students need to have Stress and Rescue Certification, CPR/AED, Oxygen Administration and First Aid.

Dive Master

The Dive Master Program is the science behind diving.

This course is for the diver who wishes to know the science behind diving. The course includes two sections: Dive Guide and Science of Diving. The Dive Guide Course, when completed, will allow you to serve as a guide for other divers in a leadership role that is usually a paid service on dive boats. The Science of Diving is an in-depth  study of the laws of physics in diving, decompression sickness theory and lung expansion injury.


Must have Advanced Open Water, Nitrox, Stress & Rescue, First Aid/CPR and Oxygen Administration Certifications.


Course includes classroom instruction, diving instruction, leadership instruction and apprenticeship time.

Assistant Instructor

Introduction to the world of Dive Professionals.

As an Assistant Instructor you will be qualified to certify divers on a variety of scuba diving adventures. Assistant Instructors are required to work through an active Dive Center, and when necessary, with an active SSI Instructor.

As a certified SSI Assistant Instructor you can:

-Give underwater tours to certified divers.

-Teach Snorkel Diving after passing the Snorkel Instructor Module.

-Issue Snorkel Diver certifications.